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About Us

Concord Group are an established and family run business with an architectural framework that ensures delivery of high end solutions, to both commercial and residential markets throughout New Zealand.

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, the primary focus is to meet the demands of modern engineering, with an innovative approach to fabrication and design.

Founder and Director, Nigel Butcher is a well known name in the industry with a reputation for quality lift manufacturing, installing and general engineering. He thrives on continutally building the legacy of this privately owned and operated business, for the next generation to continue.

“Being located in Dunedin, we are surrounded by the industry amenities and transport we need, allowing us to easily operate across the country and locally too, as we are the only manufacturer of lifts, dumbwaiters and platforms in Dunedin. We get people moving, literally, with an emphasis on quality products and efficient service that I personally oversee”.  Nigel Butcher, Director.

Having formed partnerships with international lift suppliers, delivering the latest in lift technology across the South Island.  Long standing industry relationships has aided the business to offer unique solutions at competitive rates, with regular business across the country including Nelson, Queenstown, Invercargill and Christchurch.

Nigel Butcher - Director
Nigel Butcher
Lee Butcher - General Manager
Lee Butcher
General Manager